Lynn's Birthday List!

Flag clothing, esp. skirt or soccer socks in the English or Uruguayan flag.

updated 5x7 picture of Marshall
updated 5x7 picture of Auggie
updated 5x7 picture of Annabella
updated 5x7 picture of Genevieve
Hoobae yearly membership to Dom and Colin podcast
more room keys
peppermint foot lotion
tart pan with removable sides like this
mesh strainer like this
2 springerle boards
cookie gun for spritz

For Pia:

College fund money

FYI on clothes: Pia currently wears a size 7T/8T in clothes and size 2.5 shoe.


fake flowers
sunflower seeds
mermaid tail a fin
big stuffed toy penguin
stuffed toy
light up sneakers
penguin toy
kid camping tent
soft toy sea horse
toy elephant (like the one at school)

kid toy car PURCHASED!

new shiny bike
silly string
big not sticky bubbles
cool phone
ice cream pool float
hot tub
jewelry, especially clip on earrings
roller skates

For Hazel:

College fund money

FYI on clothes: Hazel currently wears a size 6T in clothes and size 12 shoe.

Jessie Cake Shopkins doll
M and Ms
trampoline (She said a "big trampoline" but I'm nixing that)
(5) sketch pads
bubble bath
stuffed lion (>12")

For the family in general:

Family Basic membership to Marbles Kids Museum PURCHASED!

Family membership to Durham Museum of Life and Science