Lynn's Christmas List!

Flag clothing, esp. skirt or soccer socks in the English or Uruguayan flag.

updated 5x7 picture of Marshall
updated 5x7 picture of Auggie
updated 5x7 picture of Annabella
updated 5x7 picture of Genevieve
capris (size 10)
Weatherman tshirt, size XL
Hoobae yearly membership to Dom and Colin podcast
more room keys

For Pia:

College fund money

FYI on clothes: Pia currently wears a size 6T in clothes and size 1 shoe.


swimming pool with a waterslide
pretty flashlight
new dresses
rock candy

gemstone mini dig kit PURCHASED!

light up yoyo
bop and glow pen
butterfly bouncy ball
butterfly key ring
gemstone necklace
KidzLabs Crystal Mining
buttefly ring
Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Binoculars
stuffed pig

stuffed Audubon Bird with real bird calls: American Goldfinch PURCHASED!

bubble bath soap

For Hazel:

College fund money

FYI on clothes: Hazel currently wears a size 5T in clothes and size 11 shoe.

stuffed whale PURCHASED!

dollhouse for Moana
M and Ms
trampoline (She said a "big trampoline" but I'm nixing that)
"yogurt that makes you run fast"
(5) sketch pads
soft stuffed unicorn in rainbow colors

tiara with jewels PURCHASED!

bubble bath
stuffed lion (>12")

For the family in general:

Family Basic membership to Marbles Kids Museum