FL 2004


For Christmas, Frankenmuth's hay bales were turned into candles.

We saw Hans Brinker in FL, but I was scared by the Cosette picture on the wall.

Yay excessive Christmas lights.

There were about 40 wood storks outside my grandparents' house.

Pictures of the great environmentalists at Ding Darling wildlife refuge.

Grandma and Grandpa look for crabs at Ding Darling.

Pelicans at Ding Darling.

The single alligator we saw.

An anhinga dries its wings.

After the airline forgot to unload our luggage, my grandma lent us all her pajamas.

Herm, Dad, Grandma, and Lloyd on Christmas morning

Lynn, Mom, Grandma, Robin, and Helen on Christmas morning.

At the beach on Sanibel Island.

At our favorite Florida pub, The Mucky Duck.

© Lynn Garcowski (nee Lynn Revette) 2004