Mexico, May 2005


Saltillo (home of my godparents), as seen from the lookout.

We visited Grutas de Garcia, caves in a mountain, which were reached by a cable car.

Inside the caves.

Mom and Robin at the Ave (bird) Museum.

Cola de Caballo (Horsetail Falls).

Me by the waterfalls.

The trip to Real de Catorce required going 24 km on a cobblestone road through the mountains past a horse...

Through a 2.3 km tunnel...

And through the vendor stands.

The older of 2 churches in Real de Catorce.

A very scary watchdog guards its house.

We visited a ranch with buffalo. It was also intended to have llamas and giraffe, but the pumas ate them.

© Lynn Garcowski (nee Lynn Revette) 2004