Virginia, March 2005


The view from the Johnsons' deck.

Seth reads in the library.

The Johnsons: Mark, Roger, Martha, Seth, and Meagan.

Martha and Meagan on the Cascades trail.

Meagan, Martha, and Seth at the waterfall.

Seth and me by the waterfall.

Scary Data guards Seth's door.

The Bedford Library has a"Rogues, Rakes, and Wenches" section.

On the Sharp Top hike, the staircase was iced over.

We're actually pretty close to the summit at this point.

The stairs to the peak of the mountain.

The view from the top! We started at the level of the lodge.

Lynn at the peak of Sharp Top.

Seth and I built a fort.

Seth's two younger cats: Ellie and Henry.

© Lynn Garcowski (nee Lynn Revette) 2004