Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the nature of the universe?
Well, most of it is an empty space, with some hydrogen and helium thrown in. Or do you mean its origins? I do believe in the big bang, and that that was caused by God.

Q.If you were pregnant and were due on July 2, 2005, 9:07AM, EDT, would it be a boy or a girl, and what colour would the hospital desk-clerk's hair be?
Funny you should ask, as I am pregnant... (no, so not true). Were I to bear a child on July 2nd, it would be a boy, and the desk-clerk's hair would be sandy blond. Why is the desk-clerk important? Is he the father?

Q.How many socks?
At the moment, 13. I hope to change this tomorrow, though.

Q.Favorite poem?
Hmm... I don't have a favorite favorite, but top ones include Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky and Father William.

Case or Western Reserve?
I'm an engineer! I was calling it Case even before the branding campaign.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate for all things except ice cream.

Q.If you respected a politician or other public figure, who would it be?
This doesn't really answer the question, but my favorite President is John Adams. That's almost entirely based on his characterization in the musical "1776." There, you can find such wonderful lines as "Sit down, John! Sit down, John! For God's sakes, John, sit down!"
I also learned on the Political Compass that my politics most closely match the Dalai Lama's, so I respect his opinions at least.

Q.How frequently (quantitatively) are you asked questions?
Let me get back to you on this one. Taking a tally could be interesting.

Q. In your lengthy show-business career, (to the nearest rational number) how many nude scenes have you done?
It rounds to 0.

Q. What is your most memorable dream?
Uh oh... this one could get me in trouble. The one that comes to mind, though, involved the Chem E department watching the Harry Potter movie in the conference room. I was sitting on the floor. This guy I had a crush on was playing Harry in the movie and was also watching it with us. At one point, the Harry onscreen had his underwear slightly showing. People in the conference room were laughing, and I patted the guy on the leg to show him support. Somehow I managed to completely knock him over.

Q. Would you like a mint?
Depends. I tend to be a little picky in my mints. If it's not cinnamon or Altoids, I probably would.

Q. Have you ever considered the benefits of owning a really good set of encyclopedias?
I can honestly say I haven't. I tend to google everything anyways, so I doubt I'd buy any were I to consider it.

Q. Why do you like sheep?
Let me letter the ways...
a) They make neat noises.
b) They're cute.
c) They remind me of Wales.
d) They can be herded.
e) They have numbers written on their rear ends.

Q. What is the freezing point of a 35% alcohol mixed drink?
From what I can tell, the relationship between alcohol content and freezing point is pretty linear. Assuming 0% ethanol freezes at 0 C and 95% freezes at -110C, your mixture would freeze at around -40 C.

Q. Was that floor or wall?
It's wall when I hit it, floor when you do.

Q. What's your favorite TLA (three-letter acryonym)?
I have this dream of naming my daughter Barbara Ann Allen (BAA). Then, she could get the "Barbara Ann" song (Beach Boys) and the "Barbara Allen" song (Dark of the Moon). Most importantly, her initials would be so so fun to pronounce.

Q. What was it like for you growing up in a state shaped like a mitten?
Not too bad. I like Michigan a lot, and the whole mitten thing is very helpful for general geography. I just wish they'd let us have houses.

Q. Where might I acquire some friends?
Well, in this case, Blue Moon parties and Jessie's suite seem like good places.

Q. Do you have any sheep for trade?
Give me two grain and we have a deal.

Q. What is your favorite pizza topping?
I'm a big fan of mushrooms. Tomatoes are the secondary topping.

Q. Where did the name Lynevere come from?
Right after our local theatre (that I did several shows with) put on "Camelot" my friend Matt Gilbert started calling me that. I originally tried to get the IM of Lynnevere, but that was taken: thus, Lynevere.

Q. What is your favorite irrational number?
I just learned that (sqrt(5)+1)/2 is considered to the be the most irrational. So most equals best, right?

Q. Where is that smell comin from?!?
That would be your socks.

Q. Do you like chewy or crunchy cookies?
Chewy all the way! Less cooked is always better than more cooked. (cookies, vegetables, meat)

Q. How much do ya bench?
Currently: 70 lb (4 sets of 10)

Q. What is your favorite greeting?
I rather enjoyed "hiya" from my Swansea days.

Q. Who is the first person you remember meeting other than your immediate family or relatives?
Hmm... I know I knew of people before this, but I think my first recollection of actually meeting people was the first day of kindergarten. We were sitting at our little tables, but we didn't know each other so we weren't talking. Then, this one girl, Tina Romo, said "this is stupid!" and asked two kids what their names were and proceeded to introduce them to each other.

Q. What is the 38th digit of pi?
That would be 4.

Q. If your two favorite bands got into a bar fight, who would win?
Hmm... Busted has the cuter James, but McFly gets an extra member. I've got to give it to McFly.

Q. Who got you started on livejournal?
Andrew Phillips was harassing me to join, but Judy Wang actually gave me the invite. Great timing, there, actually.

Q. What is your credit card number (and expiration date)?
7406 9304 2957 1935 (expires 8/06). The security code is 739.

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