Pictures of me and something else…. in roughly chronological order.



Miscellaneous photos

My surreal day with former Survivors

Pictures from my year in Wales

Pictures from Robin visiting me in Wales

Pictures from my March trip to Wales

Pictures from Lynn's Birthday Faceoff!

Case in Point at Springfest 2004

Weekend in Chicago, July 2004

Fall 2004

Trip to Florida, December 2004

Ohayocon, January 2005

Virginia, March 2005

Mexico, May 2005

My Pittsburgh Townhouse

Wyoming, September 2005

Florida, Christmas 2005

Pittsburgh, 2005-2006

Roadtrips 2006

Panama/Costa Rica, June 2006

Frankenmuth Bridal Shower, May 2008

Raleigh Bridal Shower, June 2008

Viergutz Reunion, June 2008

Wedding Rehearsal - July 4, 2008

Our wedding! July 5, 2008

Honeymoon in Thailand - July 2008

Baby Annabella, September 2008

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